Frequently asked questions about sending parcels, courier services, parcel delivery, fulfillment and Remote Control Logistics

1. How can I order parcel delivery from your courier service?
For the convenience of our customers the colleagues of our dynamic customer service team are always at the disposal of consignors, who can submit their orders via telephone, mobile phone and e-mail too. Ordering parcel delivery online is available only to our contracted partners via their unique access codes.

2. Our company must send a large quantity of packaged parcels at a time, and packaging is very time-consuming. Is it possible to have the parcels packaged by the parcel delivery company?
Packaging belongs to our complex services. Our experience shows that the time-intensiveness and costs of packaging cause a headache to many of our partners. Complexpress Logisztika Kft. not only takes over the burden of packaging from its partners, but it also provides them with packaging materials if needed. In addition to shipping and delivery we also do stretch wrapping, boxing and labelling.

3. What information can I get in connection with the delivery of my parcels?
Our customer service department is always happy to inform you about all details of your consignments (date, COD, weight, number of units, etc.) via telephone or e-mail.

4. What guarantees that my parcels are delivered with utmost care?
Our Time and financial guarantee. Complexpress Logisztika Kft. assumes full financial guarantee for delivering consignments undamaged and by the deadline. Please note that our rates include automatic value guarantee for a product value of max. HUF 50,000. We assume unparalleled responsibility: on the parcel delivery market Complexpress is the only company to provide double money-back guarantee! Similarly, our guarantee for COD deliveries is a unique service among courier services.

5. We send parcels to international destinations, and we are looking for a parcel delivery company that operates in international relations too. How and to which countries can I send parcels by Complexpress Kft.?
The process of submitting orders for international parcel delivery is the same as ordering domestic deliveries. We ship parcels to all countries in the world.

6. What happens if the parcel cannot be delivered because the consignee is not at home?
In case of an unsuccessful delivery attempt we deliver the parcel for a second time. If that attempt fails too, our courier leaves a notice at the site. Our tariffs include the price of a second delivery attempt too. In order to ensure that the parcel is not returned to the consignor, and to offer further options for the consignees to collect their parcels, we leave the parcel at the nearest depot post office, where the parcel can be collected at any time during the next two weeks, before it is returned to the consignor.

7. How can I serve my customers that cannot be reached at their residential addresses during the day, but who do not want or dare to have their parcels delivered to their workplaces?
This is one of the typical questions of parcel-sending companies. The solution is alternative parcel delivery. In order to prevent parcels from turning into returns, or at least to significantly reduce the quantity of returned goods, we offer a unique service on the market of courier services. In addition to traditional parcel delivery our alternative parcel delivery system consisting of 2 fully nationwide networks allows customers to collect their parcels at over 3,000 locations throughout the county outside working hours, at a time most convenient for them. Pick Pack Points (newsagents’ premises and other shops, filling stations) and post offices are available to you and your customers.

8. How can I receive the value of consignments I send COD delivery? Is there a guarantee for COD deliveries?
Based on our professional experience acquired during the years we can safely say that the timely receipt of the full value of COD deliveries is the biggest fear of webshops and retailers. Our guarantee for COD deliveries serves this goal, and makes us stand out from among other courier services and parcel delivery firms. We transfer the full value of COD deliveries we collect to our customer via bank transfer or in cash in accordance with our agreement, by the deadline. When settling the accounts we include in a separate list the ID number and invoice number given by our customer, or the consignee’s name and the number of the bill of lading if the former information is not available, in order to facilitate the identification of the item. Under the guarantee for COD deliveries we provide full financial guarantee not only for the transfer of the COD value via bank transfer or in cash, but also for meeting the agreed deadline for the handling of COD deliveries.

9. We rarely send parcels, but whenever we do, it is in great quantities, therefore we post them at the post office. However, it is burdensome to take the parcels to the post office and stand in the queue. Does your company have a solution for this, so that we would not need the spend time and money on the above written?
Regular parcel delivery is not a requirement on our side. We collect products sent in large quantities at the place and time specified by the consignor, for which we do not charge a fee. This provides convenience for our partners, who do not need to spend money and time on such tasks.

10. With what fees do I need to calculate as a regular consignor?
For our regular customers (partners) we offer not only quality services, but following the thorough assessment of their logistics tasks we offer competitive prices on the basis of individual calculation. The special prices become effective after the contractual relationship enters into force.

11. The field of parcel sending, courier services, fulfillment, Remote Control Logistics and parcel delivery is a bit unclear for me. Can I get any description or information that makes problems, causes and solutions more tangible?
Get any description or information that makes problems, causes and solutions about parcel delivery, fulfillment and RCL. You can get a better picture about the “whys”, and through real cases you can get an insight into the field of parcel delivery. If you believe that all professions are made more exciting by real life cases and stories, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone! We will always be at your disposal with professional answers, descriptions and interactive communication with pleasure!

12. How can I get fast response to further inquiries?
If you have a question the answer to which cannot be found above, do not hesitate to contact our central customer service department. Telephone: (06-1) 203-4681, Mobile: (06-30) 694-2465, e-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@complexpress.hu

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