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Time-guaranteed parcel delivery, 3PL, fulfillment and Remote Control Logistics in Hungary and internationally

If you own a webshop, work in the field of e-commerce or online trading, you probably know that this is the only industry that has continuously grown despite the financial crisis. A main reason behind this is that a lot of people have no time to shop in the traditional, off-line manner. So time is one of the most important factors. In our fast-paced world all service providers have to meet increasing requirements. Therefore, we believe that a really good logistic service provider must keep in mind that consignors expect a very precise shipping, time-guaranteed parcel delivery. For this reason Complexpress Logisztika Kft. handles all parcels and other postal consignments of its partners with utmost care, as value-guaranteed parcels, offering multiple delivery attempts and meeting the delivery deadlines. Our Company offers this service under double money back guarantee, called Double Guarantee, which is a unique quality assurance on the market. However, time crunch has another major aspect that many consignors do not take into account. This is the efficiency of parcel delivery! Why? On the one hand because today it matters a lot how soon a mail-order reaches the customer. On the other hand, if a courier company does not provide efficient delivery, the customer does not receive the purchased product, which will be then returned. If the same product has to be posted once more, you will face extra costs, and the customer will not be pleased, since he/she will need to wait even longer to receive the product. Therefore, Complexpress offers unique services and guarantees on the market of courier services and parcel delivery, such as 2 nationwide solutions for picking up parcels outside working hours apart from normal delivery, through which you can reduce the number of failed delivery attempts to the minimum. This will save you costs and time for your customers! And the minimum amount of returned goods will of course improve the reputation of your business. But if we speak about the importance of saving time and money - for international webshops and retailer companies the real solution providing far quicker and cheaper logistics is 3PL, fulfillment (FFH) dropshipping or even RCL.

With what value-added services can we help you save time? We support our business partners by providing them not only outstanding parcel delivery but packaging services, 3PL, fulfillment, dropshipping and even Remote Control Logistics (RCL) in Hungary and internationally. As it is our mission we help your company grow by not a simple shipping activity, not "only" by a total parcel management but by logistic screening and cost optimisation, too. This includes picking, packing, packaging materials, fulfillment and even Remote Control Logistics in Hungary and internationally, logistic screening and cost optimisation. Today we can proudly say that in the past few years we have become a leading service provider of the region in international parcel managing by offering unique services. We ship parcels “cash on delivery” to several countries to which other providers do not. In our domestic parcel service we apply neither a fuel surcharge, nor e-toll!

However, there is another very important field for which concrete assurance and time guarantee is offered exclusively by Complexpress. This is the “cash on delivery” service. No other player of the parcel or courier service market offers guarantee for “cash on delivery” parcels. Within this, Complexpress offers not only to transfer via bank transfer or in cash the total amount of the goods sent “cash on delivery”, but also financial responsibility for missed deadlines. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in person or via telephone.

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