Logistics consultation

Parcel delivery screening, optimisation, cost reduction

Once it has occurred to you how important cost-efficiency is for a company (especially in the current economic environment), you have probably thought about the optimisation of the parcel logistics processes and deliveries of your business, and consequently about the reduction of expenditure spent on courier services. Our Company is offering to give you free logistic consultation on possible ways to optimise your logistics with regard to time and cost. Please note: this is not about giving a parcel delivery quote, but conducting a quick logistics screening, after which you will know whether your business has some more room for manoeuvring or not. If yes, we advise you on what else to consider. It is not necessarily lower parcel delivery rates that make it possible to reduce costs (mainly if you need high quality 3PL, fulfillment, dropshipping or even RCL - Remote Control Logistics), but also the outsourcing of certain work processes (e.g. packaging, purchasing packaging materials, scheduling), or choosing the optimum parcel type.

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