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The most important objective of Complexpress Logisztika Kft. is to stand out among other courier services and logistic service providers through quality, and to provide more versatile and numerous services to parcel-sending companies shipping their products. We are sure our business partners need advantages also through logistics and we do believe we provide effective support by our innovative services. In fact all our business partners knowing our fulfillment, 3PL, dropshipping or even RCL service gave us the feedback Complexpress provides more than they would have ever thought. Several of them asked how we got through and what is the key of this success. We have been continuously developing our products by focusing on the needs of e-commerce and online retail companies, webshops. That is why we developed our fulfillment service to 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and finally upgraded to RCL (Remote Control Logistics). Thanks to this attitude by now we have reached a stage where we provide not simply dropshipping but really unique logistic services and guarantees. For example, in addition to traditional parcel delivery we offer 2 nationwide alternatives in Hungary for picking up parcels outside working hours. Our 3PL service includes delivery worldwide (in all countries of the world). We help our partners’ work by offering packaging services, packaging materials, free parcel logistics screening, advice on optimisation and innovative solutions. In the field of domestic parcel delivery in addition to the traditional services we have looked for opportunities to support the work of our customers. This is one reason behind the fact that our parcel delivery and logistic services have outgrown the borders of Hungary and the EU alike, and we have become a worldwide international fulfillment/3PL/dropshipping service provider and courier service that can boast not only with shipping parcels to ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD, but also with offering unique services in international logistics,too. For example, we deliver parcels with COD to countries that are not served this way even by well.known global multinational companies. It goes without saying that our unique guarantee for COD deliveries service is valid for international deliveries too. In case of regular deliveries and larger quantities we offer optimum solutions for product warehousing, picking and packaging abroad, too.

We support your business activities with the following services:

Courier Service, 3PL, fulfillment and Remote Control Logistics

Parcel logistics – parcel delivery + logistics with unique guarantees

Parcel delivery with real time-guarantee, 3PL, fulfillment and RCL

Time-guaranteed parcel delivery, 3PL, fulfillment and Remote Control Logistics in Hungary and internationally

Value-added services

Value-added services in parcel delivery

Optimisation, cost reduction, screening in shipping, fulfillment or RCL

Parcel delivery screening, optimisation, cost reduction

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