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At first sight operating a courier service or a parcel delivery firm seems very simple. Yet, delivering or shipping parcels and other consignments in a collective system from one point to another in the country, from door to door with time-guaranteed delivery is a rather complex task. Already at the time of establishing our courier service we took into consideration that this activity is a complex job requiring the completion of significant background logistics, IT, customer service and office based administrative tasks at a high level. We have always strived to meet the requirements that we set for ourselves, since this is the only way to make our company a complex parcel managing and not only delivery firm with total logistics offering services at the highest standards.

In addition, the objective of Complexpress Logisztika Kft. is to provide comprehensive, complex and high quality services to its partners, primarily businesses working in the field of e-commerce or online trading. Therefore, our parcel delivery and shipping activities have become upgraded to 3PL, total fulfillment, dropshipping and later on even to RCL (Remote Control Logistics). It is an absolutely tailor-made, client-focused FFH with a lot of related, value-added logistics services (handling COD deliveries in domestic and international relations alike, parcel delivery outside working hours, value guarantee, time-guaranteed delivery, making second delivery attempts free of charge, labelling, picking, packaging, supplying our partners with packaging materials, alternative parcel delivery to pick pack points and post offices, document handling, parcel delivery on Saturdays, express deliveries) that are not offered by other courier services or parcel delivery companies. Apart from versatile services we offer consignors quality, flexibility and peace of mind. The outstanding quality of our services is supported by the fact that we give exclusive guarantees for our activities: money-back guarantee, guarantee for COD deliveries and price guarantee, which are not offered by any other courier service or parcel delivery firm.

Complex logistic services

Companies and business ventures working in diverse fields find it rather unpleasant and time-consuming to solve various parcel delivery and other logistics tasks, since a comprehensive solution often requires the involvement of several partners. The logistic tasks and needs of a company can be extremely varied.

Our company offers its customers comprehensive and complex parcel delivery and logistics services that include:

  • Reliable, precise, timely parcel delivery in accordance with the individual needs both within Hungary and internationally
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics)
  • Fulfillment (FFH), dropshipping and even Remote Control Logistics (RCL in Hungary and internationally)
  • Warehousing
  • Picking (compilation of consignments)
  • Packing
  • Labelling
  • Discreet parcel handling
  • Stock-keeping
  • Shipping
  • The largest number of guarantees that are currently offered by courier services in Hungary (Price guarantee, Quality guarantee and Guarantee for COD deliveries)
  • Packaging materials if needed

Trust any of the logistics tasks of your company to a partner that is specialised in parcel delivery and can fulfil all tasks at very high standards. Consequently, you can make your enterprise more productive and efficient, and thus retain your customers. We are aware of the fact that this is great value for you. This is one reason why we take our slogan seriously: We deliver your reputation too! Trust your consignments to experts and for more information or a personal meeting please do not hesitate to contact us.

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