Parcel delivery outside working hours

Alternative parcel delivery outside working hours

It is a big problem for all retailers if the parcels they send cannot be delivered, even if this is due to objective causes, e.g. during the day the customer cannot be found at the given address. In such cases (usually after the second unsuccessful delivery attempt) other parcel delivery firms return the goods to the sender, which will thus become returned goods. Apart from causing annoyance to the retailers, such goods generate losses too. With our unique services on the market of courier companies our aim is to protect you from this happening. Our alternative parcel delivery service available at more than 3,000 locations throughout the country outside working hours allows customers to pick up their parcels at the time most convenient for them. Our unique system consisting of 2 fully nationwide networks is in part based on the so called Pick Pack Points (newsagents’ premises and other shops, filling stations) and in part on post offices that are available to you and your customers. This system offers an excellent possibility for parcel collection for those addressees that cannot be reached at their residential addresses during the day, but do not wish to have their parcels delivered to their workplaces either, so the courier cannot deliver the parcels. However, thanks to our system, they can pick up their parcels whenever they like, before or after working hours. Of course, the efficiency of parcel delivery is very important for you too, since with the growing number of webshops and with the continuous growth of online trade you have entered a competition where one of the main aspects is choosing the right courier service in order to reduce the number of unsuccessful delivery attempts and the quantity of returned goods. In our unique system we offer customers can always decide in advance whether they want to have the parcel delivered in the traditional parcel delivery system (by a courier), or to an alternative parcel terminal.

Collect your parcel at any Pick Pack Point at a time most convenient for you!

Pick Pack Point is a cost and time efficient solution for the collection of parcels. You can pick up your products ordered online from our partners easily, conveniently, at a time fitting your daily routine, at over 600 terminals in 190 settlements.

Many people refrain from ordering things via the Internet because on weekdays they get home in the evening only, after courier services stop delivering parcels, and they do not want to have their parcels delivered to their workplaces. To overcome this problem we offer an alternative pick-up point, where you can collect your parcel at a time you choose.

So if you choose the Pick Pack Point service, you can do the tasks related to parcel collection in person, in the simplest possible way: the product you order from a retailer online is shipped to the collection terminal closest to your home, your route or your workplace, and is kept safe until you collect it.

Choose our parcel delivery service and collect your parcels conveniently!

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